7 ways you can build trust with your clients today

In real estate, trust is the currency that powers success.

That means you not only need to encourage your prospective clients to like you, you need them to have faith in your ability to sell their property and look after their best interests.

According to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Burgess, there are seven key ways to achieve this.

Harness online reviews

In the digital age, reviews are akin to personal endorsements.

Encourage clients to share their experiences through reviews, particularly at the moment of closing. Specific prompts lead to more detailed testimonials, enhancing credibility.

Providing easy access to review platforms ensures a higher participation rate, solidifying your online trust factor.

Consistency in marketing

Like a reliable friend, consistency in your communication fosters trust.

Whether through newsletters, social media, or direct mail, maintain a regular schedule.

Thematic days or weekly tips can create a rhythm that clients look forward to, subconsciously building confidence in your reliability.

Follow through on promises

Actions speak louder than words.

Promptly responding to calls or fulfilling promises, like sending information when promised, showcases your dedication.

This reliability forms a solid foundation for trust, signaling that you’re a professional who can be counted on.

Leverage video marketing

Video brings a personal touch, allowing potential clients to see and hear you, which can fast-track the familiarity and liking phases of a relationship.

Share both professional insights and personal moments to create a multifaceted image that people can connect with, thereby accelerating trust.


Share tales from your professional journey and successful transactions to draw people in.

Use social media stories to give behind-the-scenes glimpses or detail how you’ve overcome challenges.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for making complex information relatable and building a personal connection.

Increase competence

Expertise inspires confidence. Share your knowledge on market trends, interest rates, and buying/selling strategies to demonstrate your proficiency.

Educating your audience not only showcases your expertise but also reassures them of your capability to guide them through their real estate journey.

Cultivate likability

Beyond trust and professionalism, likability seals the deal.

Being authentic and relatable attracts people who will enjoy working with you.

Remember, real estate is as much about relationships as it is about properties.

Showcasing your genuine self will draw clients who appreciate you for who you are, fostering a loyal client base.

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