A Dramatic Reenactment of Terribleness

Y’all, I am beside myself six times over this video. We are all beside ourselves. It’s like clones and we’re all screaming.

Shana:  I’m really excited to share this dramatic reading of a fan letter my author friend received from the clueless White person who was paid to copy edit her book.

The letter is about how reading the book reminded the editor of her favorite childhood mammy and it is truly unbelievable.


Shana:  Sarah, you do not know how hard it was not to share this with you when I first read the letter.


I think it’s not going to get worse and then it does and WHAT. The mammy and then the doll?! AM I HALLUCINATING.

Shana: It just gets worse and worse.


Maya: Oh my god.

Shana, tell your friend that she needs to get her shit handled here in the future: Tessera Editorial. I’m a part of it now!

What a mess. White women in publishing are wild. I’m still reeling. So much racism in such an unnecessary moment.

Amanda: I was trying to figure out where I recognized Alison’s face from – Scott Pilgrim!

Can this be nominated for an Oscar?

Tara: I’m trying to pull a coherent thought out of my brain for this, but I think it’s just fully shorted out. I’m definitely going to listen to her podcast episode with Alison Pill now, though.

Can you believe that a copy editor thought this was a great idea? To write it all down and send it? And this is someone who is hired by publishers to work on books. Stunning. Truly.

I hope they aren’t hired as a copy editor again soon.

You can find It’s Always Been Ours wherever you get your books.

And, special bonus, that’s our own Shana on the cover!

Isn’t that a glorious picture? I smile every time I see it.

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