Andy Reid might get a new contract after Super Bowl LVIII, per report

Throughout the week leading up to Super Bowl LVIII, media reports flurried regarding the future of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Reid opened the door to retirement during a pregame interview with Jay Glazer of FOX Sports. However, this year Reid has been more emphatic about his future, dismissing reports of a potential ride off into the sunset should the Chiefs win on Sunday night.

Now, with Super Bowl LVIII just hours away comes news that a contract extension, and not retirement, is far more likely for the long-time coach.

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, Reid has two years remaining on his current deal with Kansas City. However, should the Chiefs win tonight he would have three Lombardi Trophies on his resume, while the other 31 active NFL coaches have six combined.

Yet, as Jones reports, Reid’s annual salary of “close to $12 million” ranks him tenth among active coaches. And with Sean Payton and Jim Harbaugh joining the AFC West in the past two years, Reid now is the third-highest-paid coach in the division which he has won in eight-straight seasons.

“He’s not retiring,” one source said. “He’s not paid what he should be getting paid. Problem with the whole organization. Pay has not been what it should be all the way top to bottom.”

So, if you are a fan of an AFC team that is not the Chiefs, chances are you will be dealing with Reid and Patrick Mahomes for at least a few more years, regardless of how Super Bowl LVIII plays out.

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