Bitgert Coin’s 70% Monthly Jump Fuels Projections of 700% Upsurge

The Bitcoin halving event is still some days away, but there’s already a lot of enthusiasm in the crypto market. While some altcoins are struggling to keep up, many other altcoins are already getting ready for a rally as investors confidently await the imminent bullish wave. 

However, unlike many projects in the crypto market right now, Bitgert (BRISE) is already recording massive gains. 

The Bitgert project is ahead of the market and setting the pace for all other crypto coins, much to the delight of Bitgert’s investors. The Bitgert coin seems to be taking its 2023 trend to a higher gear, impressing with a 70% pump in the last month. Experts are tipping the coin for even higher spikes in the future, and here’s why you might want to jump on the Bitgert (BRISE) train:

Bitgert: Transaction at the Speed Of Light

Bitgert’s layer 1 blockchain sports an almost incredible transaction speed that beats most blockchains in the crypto-verse. At 100,000 TPS, Bitgert’s transaction speed dwarfs Injective’s 10,000 TPS and Solana’s 2,600.

Faster transaction means more traction and significant uptrends for Bitgert (BRISE). And when you throw in its almost non-existent transaction fees, you’ll understand clearly why its strong community of 600,000 users continues to grow.

Deflationary Mechanism

One of the common features among high-performing projects in the crypto market is the deflationary mechanism. Bitgert has a deflationary mechanism to stifle inflation and drive BRISE’s price uptrends. For every BRISE transaction on Bitgert, 12% of the transacted token is burned, and a whopping 36% of the Bitgert total supply has been burned. With continuous burning, BRISE’s supply will continue to reduce, creating a scarcity that would drive Bitgert’s value.

Bitgert Poised for Even Bigger Profits

On the price charts, Bitgert recorded a 70% spike in the last month, and it’s no fluke. In fact, Bitgert has returned up to 40,000% profits since its launch. That’s some huge gains for the earliest Bitgert investors. Not to worry, Bitgert’s still has enormous profit potential.

Bitgert’s RSI (Relative Strength Index) score currently stands at an impressive 55, a green light for intending coin buyers. The coin currently trades at $0.062569 at the time of writing. It gets even more interesting for Bitgert hodlers as its staking returns 6% on monthly BRISE investments. 

The bulls are optimistic about Bitgert, and analysts are tipping it for a 700% Upsurge.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  

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