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Chip Roy screams at the floor about $1.7T in spending bills: “Destroying America”

Rep. Chip Roy, who was upset by the process of forcing a vote on a $1.7 billion bill that no one has ever read, said that the Democratic rush job to destroy the country.

The Texas Republican stated that “We’re spending money that we don’t own,” Friday morning on the House Floor. “Go home, sell your projects, and go home to talk about the pork you brought home. You’re ruining the United States of America.

Roy proposed several amendments to the massive spending bill. None of these were accepted by Democrat leaders who pushed for a vote Friday at noon. Roy mocked Democrats for saying Republicans wouldn’t negotiate with Democrats during the fast-paced process on a bill that Republicans claimed would increase the national debt to $31.3 trillion.

“What table does the gentleman refer to?” Roy asked. Roy asked. This table is not the one. Despite being elected by 750,000 Texans, I do not have the power of offering an amendment to the House of Representatives.

He stated that “not one amendment has been proposed on the floor of this institution since May 2016 in open discussion.”

Roy said, “Everything that the American people is looking at right now is a complete sham.” It’s a fraud, a fraud being perpetrated upon the American people right as they head into Christmas.

Roy attacked the 18 Republicans in Senate that supported the bill this week.

He said that 18 Republicans joined the Democrats in the Senate and got on their fancy planes to go home. Now, they’re trying to do the work for the people, not spend more money, not drive up inflation, and not have 7,500 allocations for $ 16 billion for leftist pet projects across the country.

Roy stated that House lawmakers are more concerned about Christmas than about crafting a sensible bill. Roy would then try to block the House’s passage by moving to adjourn. This would require the House to spend time dealing with the vote, as many are trying to flee Washington.

“They were more interested in catching their Christmas flights, so they came to me and said, ‘We can’t be here over Christmas.’ Why not? He said.

Roy was also irritated by the possibility that more than half the House members voting Friday may already be at Christmas. Many lawmakers requested proxy voting Friday. This allows them to claim concerns about COVID as a reason for remote voting.

Roy suggested that many members would vote remotely to take advantage of the holiday.

He said, “Half this body isn’t even going to exist.” “And they are lying, they lie on forms that claim they are voting by proxy for COVID. It’s a lie.”

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