Ferris Bueller Ferrari

Ferris Bueller’s wrecked Ferrari sold for $337,000.

A famous car from Hollywood’s history was sold for $337,000.

It’s just not possible.

Modena Designs built the replica Ferrari 250 GT California Spider prop Ferrari 250 GT California Spider for “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

It’s the one that was thrown through a window and into the ravine below. This is one of comedy’s most memorable and pivotal scenes.

It was made for this stunt and does not include an engine or drivetrain. The fiberglass body, rolling chassis, and vinyl-upholstered interior are all that are required.

After production ended, the car was restored and is now a display piece. It does not show any damage from the 30-foot fall.

Heritage Auctions offered it for sale and it was sold on Dec. 17 by an anonymous telephone bidder who listed it for resale at $556250.

The auction house also sold the famous Ferris Bueller patterned sweater vest, which was played by Matthew Broderick. It was valued at $143,750.

The Ferrari, despite being functionally inoperable, was a relatively expensive purchase. In 2020, the Ferrari that was used to drive scenes in the film was sold at auction for $396,000.

This car is powered by a Ford engine and has been included in the Library of Congress’s National Historic Vehicle Register of significant cars.

You might be wondering why they didn’t use actual Ferraris to film the movie. Only a few of the cars that inspired the replica were made and rarely sell. They were also not as valuable in 1985, but the record price paid at auction for one was $18 million.

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