Google approves Truth Social on the Google Play Store

Google announced Wednesday that Truth Social, the social networking app supported by former President Donald Trump has been approved for the Google Play Store.

After Truth Social implemented stricter content moderation policies, this decision will allow Truth Social to be downloaded to Android phones via Google’s exclusive app store.

Google previously stated that Truth Social would not be available in its app store unless it has implemented policies sufficiently addressing incitement to violence. Google also stated that social media apps in the Google Play Store must have an in-app reporting system for objectionable content. (Truth Social was already available for some Android devices via non-Google sources such as the Samsung Galaxy Store.

A spokesperson for Google said on Wednesday that these standards had been met.

The spokesperson stated that apps may be distributed on Google Play if they meet our developer guidelines. “This includes the requirement to moderate user-generated content effectively and remove offensive posts like those that incite violence.”

According to Truth Social’s policies user content that encourages violence or accounts that created it “may be removed” from the platform.

Google also reported that Truth Social had agreed to enforce its policies against incitement. Axios first reported Truth Social’s approval.

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