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HaBO: Dual Timeline Renovation Romance

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This HaBO comes from Maria, who wants to find this romance:

Hello! I’ve read this book many years ago, I remember loving it but sadly I can’t for the love of me remember its title! (I’ve also posted this over some other groups, so fear not, you’re not seeing double)

This is a mix between historical and modern, (kinda time travely) about a family who had been rivals for years and both main characters work in construction and they hate each other because of their families’ history. The book takes place between historical (flashback) and modern times with the construction taking place, some house renovation. There’s a rock or a necklace that connects everything (the families, timeline, etc) and it’s crucial to the plot.

Please, if you have any clue or if anything rings a bell, let me know….

Can we HaBO?

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