How to Make a Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Honestly speaking, you do not need fancy and costly vases or pots to show your creativity in putting up a floral arrangement. Even a simpler vessel like a mason jar can make a fascinating floral arrangement to allure your indoor space.

When you start DYing your floral arrangements, there is no step back as this thing is full of fun and creative experiences so you never want to get a hand on the pre-made floral arrangement. In case you want to make something useful for your spare mason jars, a floral arrangement is a nice option.

Guide to Create a Flower Arrangement Using a Mason Jar

You have got your jars ready and received your flower delivery, but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry. We have got your back. Get your stuff ready and follow these steps to create an attractive floral arrangement.

What Do You Need to Make a Floral Arrangement?

If you are a first-timer for making the floral arrangement, here are the things that you need to grab before starting to make your arrangement. So, you will have an uninterrupted experience.

  • A vessel (Mason Jars in this case. However, you can also repurpose the empty containers and bottles)
  • Scissors
  • Flowers (Focus, secondary, and filler flowers for a complete look)
  • Foliage
  • Decoratives (ribbons, glue, twine, paper or cloth pieces etc)

Once everything is ready, more to the next guide for creating the flower arrangement.

Steps-wise Instructions on Creating the Flower Arrangement

Remove Foliage from the Flowers

You will see the leaves hanging along the stems of the flowers that you have brought for your floral arrangement. You have to remove it before adding it to the water in the mason jar. The same thing goes for the foliage that adds the natural greenish texture to your colorful floral arrangement. The simple rule is that there should be nothing hanging down the stem length that is going to be dipped in the water (length differs according to the size of your vase). The rotted foliage in water breeds the bacteria that cause wilting of flowers by blocking the vascular bundles.

Trim the Stems

When you are putting the flowers in the mason jar their length should be appropriate to hold the arrangement into the jar rather than causing them to fall out. Figure out the length and use the sharp scissors to trim the stems accordingly at the diagonal angle as it causes the flowers to sip water and feed better, facilitating better growth.

Prepare the Mason Jar

The sterile jar is the key to getting long-lasting fresh flowers for your central table. Sterile the mason jar by boiling it in its clean water or simply wash it with soapy water and let it air dry. Never use any cloth or paper towel to dry it as the bacteria present on them can again contaminate the vessel. Add clean and warm water to the jar and supplement with the recommended amount of commercial flower feed.

Start by Placing Your Foliage

The conventional flower arrangements that only included a single-color flower with no texture at all are long gone. Nowadays people want to experiment with different color palettes in a single bouquet. Start your mason jar floral arrangement by putting the foliage in the jar. Remove any decaying leaves beforehand so the appearance is not compromised.

Add the Focus and Secondary Flowers

While adding flowers, go with the focus flowers first. These are the flowers that grab the attention first in the entire bouquet, usually characterized by their large size and vibrant colors. Dahlias and sunflowers are the popular options for the focus flowers due to their decent hues and size. Now more to the secondary flowers that are complementary to the focus flowers and fall in the same category of the color scheme and structure.

Add Filler Flowers

After adding the secondary flowers, you will still be seeing the empty spaces in your flower arrangements. Fill them with the filler that can be flowers or other stems. People usually want to fill their flower arrangements with aromatic lovegrass or zinnias. You can opt for your favorite unless it is going well with your floral arrangement.

Finish the arrangement with a spray of water with a natural dewy look. You can also decorate your mason jar by sticking some embellishments like dried flowers or ribbons just as your aesthetic vibes let you do. Tadaa! Your beautiful and vibrant flower arrangement in a mason jar is ready.

Final Word

Floral Arrangements are never needed to be expensive. You can go with the simple and spare jars and containers you find in your kitchen and flowers from your backyard to keep it low on budget but extravagant in terms of aesthetics. Allure your home interior with the beautiful flowers from

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