Kia Stinger

In 2023, this type of car will be extinct

This is the end for a four-door, rear-wheel-drive mainstream internal combustion engine cars.

Kia has made it clear that it will stop producing the Stinger in the next year. It is sending out 1,000 Tribute Edition cars with 400 reserved for the U.S.

It will be joined by the Dodge Charger SRT coupe, which will be replaced in 2024 with an all-electric Daytona Charger SRT.

Ford, Chevrolet, and non-luxury Japanese marques all discontinued selling this model of car many years ago. They switched to front-wheel drive and SUV-focused lineups.

The pricing for the Stinger Tribute Edition is not yet known, but it is based upon the $52,895 GT2 model that comes powered by a 368 HP twin-turbocharged, V6.

This paint is available in Ascot Green or Moonscape matte grey, with black accented trim.

The car’s interior is covered in Terracotta brown leather. Each car also receives a commemorative numbered sill plate.

Kia, like Dodge, is moving toward electrification. The rear-wheel-drive, battery-powered, EV6 is available with all-wheel drive. The brand’s most powerful model is the 576 hp EV6 GT, which was just launched. It is possible, however, that this car class will not be gone forever.

Tim Kuniskis, Dodge CEO, has confirmed that the Charger Daytona SRT platform can be modified to accommodate an internal combustion engine [ICE] drivetrain.

“If we ever wanted to add ICE on that car, we could.” According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, it’s completely protected for it.” Kuniskis said.

It has two doors but is similar in length to the Charger of today, so it’s possible to add two more.

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