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Jamie Raskin, Democratic Rep., announces that he has a serious and curable form’ of cancer

Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin announced Wednesday that he has a “serious, but curable” form of cancer and will be starting outpatient treatment.

Raskin stated that he was diagnosed with DLBCL after several days of testing. This is a very serious, but treatable, form of cancer. I’m about to begin a course in chemo-immunotherapy as an outpatient at Med Star Georgetown University Hospital, and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. After four months of treatment, the prognosis is good for most people in my position.

Raskin said Wednesday night on MSNBC that his diagnosis was “very treatable” and that it is possible to get treatment if he takes well to chemotherapy (which starts this week) and completes all six sessions.

The House Select Committee is investigating the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, by the Maryland Democrat. He was also the chief impeachment manager for former President Donald Trump’s 2021 second impeachment trial. His colleagues just elected him to be the top Democrat on House Oversight Committee.

Raskin stated in the statement, “I plan to get over this and, in between, to continue making progress every day at Congress for American democracy.”

He stated that he expected to be able “to work through this period, but have been warned by my doctors to minimize unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, flu and other viruses.”

The American Cancer Society states that diffuse large B-cell lymphoma tends to grow rapidly and is often treated with chemotherapy using a four-drug regimen. These cycles are three weeks apart. Society says that it can be treated in approximately half of the patients. However, this depends on many factors, including when the disease was diagnosed.

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