Jeremiah Green

Jeremiah Green: The drummer and co-founder of Modest Mouse rock band

Jeremiah Green (drummer and co-founder of Modest Mouse) is currently battling stage four cancer.

Isaac Brock, the lead singer of the band, shared the news with the official Instagram account. He said that the 45-year-old drummer had been diagnosed and was currently undergoing treatment.

Brock, 47, wrote, “Some of you may already have heard, but it would be nice to hear the news direct from our camp,” Brock added, along with a black-and-white photo of Green.

He said, “Jeremiah was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently in treatment.” It appears to be going well and making a difference.

“Jeremiah and I believe in the power of positive energy. If you could send some ‘good vibes’ (to quote Jeremiah), to Jeremiah’s family, that would be wonderful.”

Carol Namatame Green’s mother first shared the devastating news about her son’s diagnosis via a Facebook post on Christmas Day.

Send healing thoughts to my son Jeremiah Green who is fighting stage 4 cancer. He is so strong, so brave, and he’s still hanging on! Namatame wrote.

Marco Collins, a DJ from Seattle, was also notified by Green’s friend on social media.

Collins shared the news with a black-and-white photo of Green on the drums.

Collins said that Green’s “prognosis was good” and ended his message by saying, “Send him love and healing energy!” Get well, buddy. We are all here to support you!

Green’s Instagram page states that Lauren, the drummer, and Wilder, his six-year-old son, are parents according to Green. Wilder was born in October 2016.

Lauren, a native of Kennebunkport MA, and Green tied the knot in Barbados, Bayville, St. Michael on March 9, 2017. Green shared a photo with Lauren of Kennebunkport, MA on March 9, 2017, showing them at their Caribbean wedding. Green shared a photo of the couple at their third wedding anniversary on March 9, 2017, and included a throwback snap in which Lauren and he were dressed in Wilder’s wedding attire.

According to the Port Townsend Ledger, Green and Lauren opened Thuja, a vintage clothing and home goods shop, in Port Townsend WA, on May 5, 2017. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the shop was closed permanently.

Namatame shared on Dec. 27 that Green’s older brother Adam brought Christmas cheer to Lauren Wilder and Wilder in a Facebook post.

Adam Green is our Xmas hero. He drove presents to Jeremiah’s wife and son on Xmas Day,” she wrote, alongside a photograph of Adam.

She also mentioned that Adam drove presents to Green and Brian, her husband Brian. Green is caring for the musician as he undergoes treatment.

Adam shared an update about his brother’s health on Tuesday.

Adam said that Adam is doing well considering his circumstances. He played many shows while battling cancer, but his doctor permitted him to continue to perform on the West Coast. He hopes to be on tour in South America this spring. He still has 4 weeks of Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Namatame shared a Wednesday Facebook post in tribute to Brian.

She wrote, “I must give a shoutout to my husband Brian Namatame.” He is the kindest man. Since he began his cancer treatment, he has never left Jeremiah M Green’s side.

Namatame said, “He gave Christmas up with his daughter and grandchildren and never complained. We are forever grateful to have him in our lives. Without his stepdad, Jeremiah wouldn’t be able to go through what he is going through. We love you Brian Namatame!”

Modest Mouse

Green was born in Oahu Hawaii. He grew up in Moxee in Washington and moved to Seattle with his family in Issaquah. He founded Modest Mouse in 1993 with Eric Judy and Brock, both Issaquah residents.

Modest Mouse’s 1996 debut album, “This Is A Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About,” was released. They followed it up in 1997 with “The Lonesome Crowded West,” which they released 1997.

The band signed with Epic Records and released “The Moon & Antarctica”, their third studio album. It was critically acclaimed.

People Magazine reported that Green quit the band in 2003 after a nervous breakdown. Modest Mouse’s fourth studio album, 2004’s “Good News For People Who Love Bad News,” was released during that time. The album was certified platinum and won a Grammy Award nomination. “Float On”, the single that became a hit, was nominated for Best Rock Song.

Later that year, Green was back on the road recording and touring with the main line-up. Their fifth studio album, 2007, “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank,” reached number one on the U.S. B illboard 2000 Chart.

Modest Mouse’s sixth studio album, “Strangers To Ourselves”, was released in 2015. Their seventh studio album, “The Golden Casket,” was released on June 25, 2021.

Upcoming Activities

Modest Mouse wrapped up their 25th-anniversary tour, “The Lonesome Crowded West,” in Washington, D.C., just before Christmas.

The band will be performing on the big stage again in March at the three South American Lollapalooza Festivals in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

Brock said in a July interview that the band was working on new music.

Brock shared that he has seven new songs in the works. “It took me a while to finish the last album. I was annoyed that people kept saying, ‘Why does this take so long?’ Because I have other interests! Some of these interests are not good, but it’s fun! I don’t want that question to be asked anymore so I have a record I’m happy with.

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