Joe Scarborough Loses It Over Clip Of Trump Talking About Relationship With God

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough laughed as hard as hell Tuesday over Donald Trump’s evasive take on how he prays to God. (Watch the video below.)

The “Morning Joe” star finally composed himself and verbally lashed the Republican candidate for his response, which touched on anything but his relationship with the almighty. “Just go to church once,” Scarborough sniped.

A viewer asked Trump during a fawning “Fox & Friends” interview over the weekend, “What’s your relationship with God like, and how do you pray?”

“OK, so I think it is good,” Trump replied. “I do very well with the evangelicals. I love the evangelicals. And I have more people saying they pray for me ― I can’t even believe it. They are so committed, and they are so believing. They say, ‘Sir, you’re going to be OK. I pray for you every night.’ I mean, everybody, almost ― I can’t say everybody, but almost everybody that sees me, they say it.”

Scarborough sat silently for a moment but could not contain his derisive laughter.

“I mean, seriously, just go to church once, right? Just get the crib notes, right?” the host said. “When somebody asks you what your relationship is with God, don’t go, ‘Well, evangelicals vote for me.’ They say, ‘Sir, we vote for you.’”

Scarborough continued, “It’s just beyond parody,” before calling Trump’s comments “sad.”

Co-host Willie Geist suggested that Trump carry around a few printouts of bible passages to recite for the right occasion.

But while the former president avoided discussing his personal faith (or lack thereof?) with Fox News, he has successfully courted the religious right. He casts his multiple prosecutions as persecution, The New York Times wrote recently, and he now finishes some rallies on a reverent note:

“The great silent majority is rising like never before and under our leadership,” he says off a teleprompter. “We will pray to God for our strength and for our liberty. We will pray for God, and we will pray with God. We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God..”

Check out Trump’s rather contradictory relationship with the Lord right here.


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