Mexicans flock to pools as temperatures soar

STORY: ::Mexicans flock to pools and fountains to cool off

as temperatures soar across the country

::Mexico City, Mexico

:: May 13, 2024

(Maria Guadalupe Estrada, local resident)

::”The temperature has been very, very high lately. So, what we are looking for is to cool down. For example, we are looking for a fountain for rehydration because the temperature has been too high.”

::Campeche, Mexico

(Maria Zetina, local resident)

::”We have to endure the heat. I wish with all my heart that the rainy season will start. Bless the rains. Here we are battling the heat, drinking water, hydrating, and wiping our sweat.”

In the capital, families had fun at a public fountain, where children jumped up and down, and in a water park where they rode the slides non-stop as they tried to cool off in the heat.

On the streets of Campeche, workers, locals, and tourists were seen covering themselves from the hot sun with umbrellas, hats, or pieces of cloth and carrying bottles of water to alleviate the high temperatures.

On May 9, Campeche recorded a record high of 45.1 degrees Celsius (113.18 degrees Fahrenheit).

The recent heat wave comes amid a severe nationwide drought that has caused a worsening water crisis in much of Mexico, making water a key issue for the June general elections.

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