MLB City Connect 2024 uniforms, ranked by which ones we’d actually buy

Everyone loves alternate jerseys. From the NBA City Edition jerseys that are released every year to the new looks NFL teams are debuting in the quit part of the offseason, a new uniform release is always going to get attention.

Not all new uniforms are created equal, and that’s why we must rank them. We are ranking the 2024 MLB City Connect uniforms here. So far, eight teams have released new threads in the middle of this season. Many of these are pretty bland, but at least one release is extremely inspired.

Here are the best and worst of the 2024 MLB City Connect uniforms.

1. Tampa Bay Rays

These might be some of the best City Connect jerseys of all time. I love the font on the jersey despite the darker font on an already dark jersey, and the SkyRay on the helmet and caps is an incredible touch. The Rays are 5-0 in the jerseys as well, which has to mean something. I would absolutely wear this, both the jersey and the hat.


2. Detroit Tigers


So, after the Rays jerseys the City Connects take a big drop down. I think Detroit has the best of the rest, though. I love the idea of an homage to the Motor City, and the tire marks on the jersey are really cool. I just wish they would be a bit more creative with the colorway. A lot of the City Connects are dark colors, and Detroit could’ve gotten fun with lighter colors to really make the tracks pop a little bit. Still a good one, I think I’d wear this jersey.

3. New York Mets


So, I want to like this uniform. The jersey itself is pretty cool, with the flashes of purple really being fun on a gray and dark blue uni. The hat, however…sucks. That hat shouldn’t be worn outside if you aren’t a part of the team. Other than that, the jersey is kinda cool. I think it would be higher if they flipped the purple and the darker blue on the front of the jersey, and maybe go with a different logo, but it’s fine.

4. Toronto Blue Jays

These are kinda fun! I love the background of Toronto on the front of the jersey, and the retro font looks really cool with it. I also really like the cap, the small maple leaf on it makes it look neat. Not a big fan of another dark color base for the uniforms, and the darker base makes reading the Toronto on the front kind of difficult. I’d wear this one, I like it.

5. Philadelphia Phillies

city connect graphic 1.0

Um…these are sure jerseys. I love the color, but the gradient at the bottom is kind of weird and makes them look sorta youth league-ish. Also hate the font on the front of the jersey, and the fact that the color doesn’t match the color of the name on the back. This one feels like a miss.

6. Minnesota Twins

I struggle with these, honestly. I love the colors and the hat is kinda cool, but it all just feels…bland? Like it looks like something I’ve seen before, and with Minnesota doing the blue and yellow just like Seattle, I’m pretty sure that’s why I can’t shake this feeling that I’ve seen it before. But grading the jersey by itself, it’s pretty cool. I like how creative they went with the logo, but I don’t like putting it in the top right corner and leaving a bunch of the front unmarked. The patch on the side looks kinda dope, and I like the name design on the back. Overall, a good jersey but it could be so much more.

7. Cleveland Guardians

cleveland guardians city connect uniforms feat 181047

So, this is my problem with City Connect jerseys. They’re supposed to be homages or new twists on classic uniforms, but most of them are on a darker jersey. These jerseys just look bland! They look uninspired, with nothing to really pull fans in. I like the hat, but the hat can’t really offset what is a bland jersey. With that being said, I would mayyyybe wear this. Maybe if it was the only jersey on the rack or if it went on sale. That’s it though.

8. St. Louis Cardinals


So, I feel like these are the definition of meh. They don’t really take too much of a risk here, with the red and white of the traditional jerseys and the cardinal still being on the jersey. ‘The Lou’ on the jersey is fine, but it doesn’t really deviate from the original jerseys. The hats are fine, but again, not a very drastic change from the original jerseys, both in style and font. I’d much rather see a team take a chance on the City Connects and do something different than keep it basic, yet at the same time, sure I’d wear this. Wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s still a solid jersey.

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