Slain Wife Of Hollywood Exec's Son May Have Been Alive During Decapitation: Autopsy

New, disturbing details in the killing of Mei Li Haskell are coming to light.

The 37-year-old woman’s dismembered remains were found last November in Los Angeles, leading police to charge her husband, Sam Haskell, with murder in not only her killing, but the deaths of her missing parents.

A coroner is now suggesting that Mei Li Haskell might still have been alive while she was decapitated, according to an autopsy report obtained by multiplemediaoutlets this week.

“There was no definitive indication that the dismemberment occurred antemortem, however, the possibility that the head and neck removal was initiated prior to death cannot be entirely excluded,” read the report from the Los Angeles County medical examiner.

The autopsy noted that “a sharp powered tool was likely used” in the amputations from the body.

Mei Li Haskell and her parents — Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshan Li — were last seen on or around Nov. 6.

On Nov. 7, Sam Haskell — whose father was once the head of television at the William Morris Agency, representing clients like Dolly Parton and George Clooney — reportedly tasked day laborers with the disposal of garbage bags, only for them to find body parts inside and call the police.

The husband was also allegedly seen on security footage putting something in a dumpster, where Mei Li Haskell’s torso would later be found.

From left: Mei Li Haskell, mother Yanxiang Wang and father Gaoshan Li.

From left: Mei Li Haskell, mother Yanxiang Wang and father Gaoshan Li. Los Angeles Police Department/Associated Press

An investigation led police to Sam Haskell’s home in the Tarzana neighborhood. He was arrested and held on $2 million bail. Earlier this year, he pleaded not guilty to three counts of murder.

The bodies of Mei Li Haskell’s parents have yet to be recovered.

A representative for Sam Haskell did not immediately reply to HuffPost’s request for comment.

This week’s autopsy report concluded that Mei Li Haskell likely died from blunt force or sharp force trauma, asphyxia or a gunshot. The coroner also said that poisoning couldn’t be ruled out.

“Given the circumstance of the case, which includes the deliberate concealment of the body by dismemberment and disposal, the cause of death is homicidal violence,” the report said.


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