TapSwap token launch, airdrop delayed to Q3 2024: What’s going on?

  • TapSwap’s decision to delay its token launch and airdrop highlighted a strategic approach. 
  • The delays faced by TapSwap were not isolated incidents, but reflected broader trends in the blockchain industry. 

TapSwap [TAPSWAP], a widely known tap-to-earn game on Telegram, has announced a delay in the launch of its eagerly anticipated token, now rescheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

Additionally, the project’s airdrop, a free distribution of cryptocurrency to users’ wallets, is also set to occur along with the token launch.

In early May, the TapSwap team had announced the upcoming release of TapSwap Pools, originally scheduled for the 30th of May.

However, they recently revealed that the launch would be delayed until the 1st of July due to a significant influx of bots trying to farm airdrop points.

TapSwap gives reasons for delay

Further justifying the delay, the firm took to X (formerly Twitter) and noted, 

“Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz around Tapswap, especially about listing on tier 1 exchanges, a massive drop, and more. And…this kind of attention attracts not just scammers but also leaders in the web3 industry.” 

It further elaborated, 

“This level of attention requires much more detailed work on tokenomics and the right launch strategy. And that means extra time.” 

Community disappointed with the change of plans

This marks the second postponement of the token launch by the TapSwap team, and this time no specific new date has been provided.

Remarking on the same, X user – Crypto with Khan said, 

Crypto with Khan

Source: Crypto with Khan/X

However, not everyone was on the same page as highlighted by @HommiesDrey, who noted,

“Take your time. Don’t hurry, do your best and come out with a top-tier project. You have my support. Every good thing takes time to build. Crypto is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Whoever is displeased should delete their telegram bot and get out.”

Needless to say, besides various execs, TapSwap also assured its users that this delay will ultimately enable them to “actually benefit from this.” 

Well, the Token launch delays are not uncommon. Recently, Hamster Kombat [HMSTR], Notcoin [NOT], and Ethereum [ETH] Layer 2 network Blast also faced the same thing. 

Hence, while the postponements have stirred mixed reactions within the community, they reflect a strategic response to ensure a strong and secure rollout. 

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