Tesla’s Model Y ‘Juniper’ redesign might come soon

An apparent “Juniper” Tesla Model Y was spotted under the veil in California, reigniting reports that the automaker is prepping a redesign of its popular electric SUV.

A new image was posted on Reddit showing a black Model Y with its front and rear bumpers covered up and, as Not a Tesla App reports, a front-mounted camera that should help with parking assistance since Tesla had removed ultrasonic sensors years ago.

The Model Y’s sedan counterpart, Model 3, received the refresh treatment in the US at the beginning of this year, following a European debut in September. Tesla reworked the front and rear bumpers on the Model 3, gave it squinty headlights, added tines to the taillights, and switched to a spelled-out text logo.

As for the interior, Model 3 gained a dashboard RGB strip (which the Chinese Model Y has), new ventilated seats, a rear infotainment screen, and the terrible, no-good removal of traditional steering stalks that has negatively affected Tesla in the most recent JD Power quality report.

Tesla’s Model Y, which became the overall bestselling car worldwide last year, is the automaker’s last vehicle with stalks to activate turn signals and change gears. It’s not confirmed if the sighted “Juniper” Model Y lacks stalks like the latest Model 3, S, X, and Cybertruck vehicles, but it’s likely to happen.

Both Model 3 and Model Y share many parts, and design tweaks are often mirrored between the vehicles, like switching from chrome to matte black trimmings and adding wireless phone chargers.

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