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Texas death row inmate Jeff Ross is named by comedian Jeff Ross

A Comedy Central special in which Jeff Ross roasts inmates in a Texas county jail is part of a petition headed to the Supreme Court.

Gabriel Paul Hall’s attorneys claimed that Hall had received a “no contact order” without permission from their legal counsel, while he was “awaiting trial after being charged with capital murder.” However, Ross and his production team were allowed to interview Hall at the jail.

According to the petition, footage from “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail” was “introduced against Petitioner during the penalty phase of his case and he has been sentenced to death.”

Hall admitted to killing Edwin Shaar, a retired Texas A&M University professor who was also a disabled veteran and stabbing Linda Shaar in their College Station home. This happened in 2011. Hall was 18 years old at A&M Consolidated High school.

According to the petition, a “nine-person film crew” led by Jeff Ross (actor and professional insult comedian) was allowed to enter the high-security area.

“Ross interviewed Petitioner Hall, who was in the midst of trial for a capital murder charge. The interview was not disclosed to the Petitioner’s lawyers, even though they had previously sent a ‘no touch’ letter to the Sheriff instructing him not to allow Petitioner access without their consent.

The interview featured “numerous vulgar provocations from Ross and hurtful responses by Petitioner.”

The Comedy Central special showed that Ross went to Brazos County Jail to see the inside of the prison. Ross spends time in solitary confinement and plays basketball in the yard. He also hears stories from prisoners and performs stand-ups.

Jeff is well-known for roasting Justin Bieber and Joan Rivers.

The beloved roastmaster liked a few tweets on Wednesday after the publication of the petition.

One Twitter user said, “It’s really sad that @realjeffreyross footage has been used like that.” “Anyone who saw his specials will know that you shouldn’t take these conversations at face value. It appears that Jeff Ross advocated for improved prison/prison conditions after doing some research.

Ross also approved another tweet: “. @realjeffreyross, an American hero. I would like to pitch Columbo’s detective series reboot. He gets criminals to confess to him by roasting them.

One follower wrote: “I would love to watch that Jeff Ross prison setup.”

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