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The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookThis Rec League request is from Kir in our SBTB Patreon Discord:

Can anyone recommend any books where the main characters solve a theft please? As opposed to solving a murder, or books that follow the thieves doing the heist. Can be mystery/romance/any genre, but bonus points if it’s in a secondary world.

Lara: I haven’t finished it yet but The Three Dahlias by Katy Watson ( A ) seems to focus on a theft only.

Sarah: There are many books across subgenres with one character being a thief, a con artist, or a protégé of one, the other, or both, but that’s not what the asker is seeking, really. That said, if half the duo is seeking a thief (that might be the other person) Hot Pursuit by Kay Marie, ( A | BN ) has a daughter of a famous art thief, and an FBI agent.

Suzanne Enoch had a whole series about a thief, as well. Samantha something. Found it – Flirting with Danger. ( A | BN | K ) Samantha Jellicoe. But did my brain say “The one with the yellow tights?” Yes, yes it did.

The cover illustration has a model with hands and legs the same color as the Android ball of goo emoji.

Susan Sey also wrote procedural contemporaries, with thieves and law enforcement. Money, Honey ( A | BN | K ) was the first one. I haven’t read Sey but I remember folks talking about her books very positively.

Do you have any recommendations? Drop them in the comments!

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