This golf ball resting on a gator’s fat head is ‘Happy Gilmore’ in real life

It would be easy to mistake this for a scene out of Happy Gilmore. A golfer in Florida got the toughest lie imaginable back in May when their ball came to rest on the head of the biggest gator you’ve seen in your life.

This monster is so big it looks animatronic. I’ll be honest, I’d just take a stroke penalty if I saw this, but not like just dropping a shot — I’d have an actual stroke if I went over the top of the hill and saw my ball sitting on this dude’s noggin. Just end me right there, because I’d rather die on the fairway than get munched by a gator in the rough.

A really underrated element of this as well is the other gator in the water being like “HEY BUDDY! YOU GOT A BALL” with its mouth agape at the excitement of the moment.

Just more proof that Florida is not real life.

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