Tim Ryan, Democrat Ohio US Senate Candidat, once called for the end of ‘unfair cash bail’

Democratic Ohio U.S. Senate Candidate Tim Ryan once called to end cash bail nationwide and called it “inherently unfair”.

Ryan made these comments at a civil liberty forum while he was running to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

“A large number of people in jail are currently there for pretrial. People who have not been convicted retain their presumption that they are innocent. We’re also seeing states eliminate cash bail state by state. Jeanne Hruska (ex-political director of the American Civil Liberties Union) asked Jeanne Hruska if she would support it nationally.

Ryan responded in September 2019 to Ryan’s question. “The bail system is inherently unfair. It sets people on a downward spiral of not being capable of working, not being capable of taking care of their children, then having adverse childhood experiences, and suddenly a parent is not home. This is not different from what we discuss when we see these children separated from their parents because of the immigration situation.

JD Vance (Rainbow’s Republican opponent), commented on Ryan’s video and tweeted that Ryan refuses to stand up for his party.

“Tim Ryan has supported every anti-security idea that comes from the far left.” Vance stated that our streets are less secure because Ryan refuses to stand up for his party.”

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