Utah Jazz have NBA’s biggest uniform glow up by channeling the ‘90s

As someone who is only 23 years old, I really have no room to say whether or not the 90’s were better than the current time we live in … because I wasn’t alive during the 90’s. However, what I can say is that almost every jersey from the 90’s or before was better than some of the modern jerseys we see around sports, especially in the NBA.

The Utah Jazz are channeling their ‘90s aesthetic with their new uniforms, which they released on Wednesday. These are a big upgrade over the Jazz’s most recent uniforms, which we’ll get to in a second.

These new Jazz threads are beautiful. Check out Utah’s uniform rebrand here:

If you feel like the Jazz release new uniforms all the time, you’re not wrong.

The Utah Jazz went through a rebrand a few years ago, and the jerseys were, let’s just say, bad.

These new ones quite simply rule. With the purple back and the font that actually looks creative, the Jazz have gone from one of the most bland, unoriginal jerseys in the game to a much more vibrant and fun look. Plus the mountain range in the back is sick, an incredible touch. The purple jersey with the white name and then the white jersey with the purple mountain range are easily the two best on here.

Major props to the Jazz for recognizing that their modernist take on jerseys stunk and went back to the cool ones. More teams should be like the Jazz.

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