Will Solana’s memecoin scene heat up with Tequila JULIO’s launch?

  • Tequila JULIO a new Solana Memecoin is set for launch on 10th July.
  • Sol meme coins are outperforming Eth with over 800% surge (YTD).

In the last 30 days, Solana [SOL] has experienced a decline, losing its price value by 13.20%. However, SOL memecoins have performed extremely well, surging by over 800%.

SOL memecoins has even outpaced Ethereum [ETH] memecoins such as  Shiba Inu [SHIB] and  Pepe [PEPE]. In fact, Solana memecoins such as WIF and BONK have experienced exponential growth.


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Therefore, because of this sustained growth with SOL meme-coins, various meme-coins are continually entering the market. Many developers are attempting to leverage SOL because it’s cheap and has exponential speed.

One such SOL meme-coins that’s getting launched is Tequila (JULIO).

Sol Owner announced the anticipated launch on X (formerly Twitter), noting that,

“Tequila $JULIO will launch on July 10, originating from #Jalisco to #Solana. The total supply is 100,000,000, with 90% for a fair launch and 10% for marketing.”

What’s driving the surge?


Source: X

As previously reported by AMBCrypto, SOL memecoins have outperformed ETH coins by over 800% (YTD).

The rising performance associated with Sol memecoins arises from increased activity, adoption, and affordability of the ecosystems by various developers.

Equally, SOL has a higher transaction speed than its counterpart, Ethereum. Solana ecosystem uses various mechanisms and validators that boost its speed, such as the firedancer.

Regarding speed, Solana has a 2000 TPS compared to Ethereum, which only reports 50 transactions per second. Another important aspect pushing Solana memes is its affordability.

Solana boasts of lower costs, enabling it to support multiple transactions with a cost of as low as cents. Compared to Ethereum, Sol generates less revenue in fees.

Thus, the affordability makes developers choose Solana over Ethereum, which makes it popular. Finally, celebrities such as Ariana Grande are associated with Sol meme-coins, making them very popular on social platforms.

What Tequila (JULIO) launch means for SOL

Tequila is one of the most popular drinks in the world. As Sol-based meme coin adoption surges, the anticipated launch of Julio hopes to become a historic drink-themed token in Sol’s ecosystem.

Over the years, Tequila has dominated the world of drinks, generating massive income for the company and its country of origin (Mexico).

Although the launch is highly anticipated, Julio’s launch differs from others. The launch on July 10th will involve issuing all tokens at once while the token developers will start the campaign to have it listed in major platforms such as Coinmarketcap.

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